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Is there a definitive guide or some good blog posts to understand how the autoload works in Rails 3? The "file not found" and "uninitialized constant" errors are so common and so, so frustrating.

What parts of the autoload mechanism are "from Ruby" and what are "from Rails"? How does it all work? Why can it not find files when they clearly exist in the correct location? And if it finds the files why does it complain of "uninitialized constant"?

Or is it just me being bad even after using Rails for a year?

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It uses Kernel#autoload. From ri:

= Kernel#autoload

(from ~/.ri)
  autoload(module, filename)   -> nil


Registers filename to be loaded (using Kernel::require) the
first time that module (which may be a String or a symbol) is

  autoload(:MyModule, "/usr/local/lib/modules/my_module.rb")

About the problems you are having with "file not found" errors, can you add the details of a specific example to your question? That will make it easier to help you.

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