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I m trying to create book reader(EPUB) so i want to display the book page in 2 page(Horizontally) like normal book, i create two webview(runtime) and try to maintain the content of it. for next and previous i just use webview's

webViewRead.scrollBy(0, 0);
webViewRead.scrollTo(0, postion);

but it was to difficult for me to maintain all TOC in next and previous. So is it possible to use One view and divide the content using CSS ?



is batter option ? my html pages is already in SDCARD then how to attach new css file to those html files.

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Use WebView.loadData method instead of loadurl or file.

Runtime generate or get data content from html file and add css content in data then after load this data on webview....

i think this way you can add css contet in your existing html file data and display in webview...


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