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Customer Table
ID   Name
1   James
2   Peter
Order Table
OrderId  CustId
100     1
101     1
102     2

How can I write a query that returns something like this


In Sybase I had a function called LIST which I could use but I dont find a similar function in SQL SERVER

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Here you can find the complex solution along with the explanation. –  WojtusJ Sep 15 '12 at 7:20
Wow that is a complex solution :) Sybase was much better with its LIST function . wonder why SQL server doesnt have this simple thing –  JanetOhara Sep 15 '12 at 8:23

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Please try:

select ID, [Name],
(select OrderID+',' from OrderTable where CustID=ID
group by OrderID for xml path('')) AS ListOfOrders
From CustomerTable
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Thank you Techdo –  JanetOhara Sep 15 '12 at 8:22

Create a User Defined Function as shown below

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[CommaSeperatedOrderIDs](@CustId INT) returns varchar(Max)

DECLARE @CommaSeperatedValues VARCHAR(MAX)
SELECT @CommaSeperatedValues = COALESCE(@CommaSeperatedValues+',' , '') + OrderID
FROM OrderTable WHERE CustId = @CustId
RETURN @CommaSeperatedValues


And then,

select ID, [Name], ([dbo].[CommaSeperatedOrderIDs](ID)) AS ListofOrders
From CustomerTable
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A very simple and handy solution given on the link below.


The SQL query written on that link is in an image ...so i couldn't copy it here.

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