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I migrated from Webrat to Capybara and now i get a lot of errors. For example in webrat i could use that in integration test:

response.should be_success

But Capybara shows that:

Failure/Error: response.should be_success
       undefined method `success?' for nil:NilClass

Is there any method that provides such function?

UPD: My spec:

require 'spec_helper'

describe "Admins" do
  before(:each) do
    @admin = FactoryGirl.create(:admin)

    visit '/'
    click_link "Login"
    fill_in "Email",  :with => @admin.email
    fill_in "Password", :with => 'qwerty'
    click_button "Sign in"

  describe "Admin panel" do
    it "should have correct links" do
      click_link "User"
      response.should be_success
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You're mixing controller and request specs.

In a controller spec you check the response, in a request spec, you check the page content, since you have only access to the html.

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I can't find any indication of shortcuts like a success? method, but if your driver supports it, you can do something like this:

page.status_code.should == 200

This was added a while back, but doesn't seem to be well-documented. Additionally, some drivers simply don't give the information to capybara. Selenium was mentioned in particular - it'll crash if you try this while using the Selenium driver.

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