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I got the following issue. A clients wants that the text after checkboxes are links to other pages and thus between ...

I have the following code:

$form['boxes_brands'] = array(
        '#title'=>'<div id="title-container">Merken</div>',

=> $brandArr is an array of brands.

I looked in the Form Api of Drupal but I did not find an option to do this. I could alter the values in $brandArr but of course that changes the value of the value attribuut of the input object too.

Using the prefix and suffix options won't do it either because I don't want the checkboxes in the tags too.

Is there a clean way to do this?


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If you created the form with the UI, then you should be able to specify something like this in as the options and links would be rendered as links:

google|<a href="">This is a link to google</a>
yahoo|<a href="">Yahoo</a>
bing|<a href="">Bing!</a>

See example: Options label as links

Otherwise, you should be able to modify the $brandArr accordingly to create links in the label. Doing this should NOT change the value of the attribute as it should be a $value->$label associative array. You just need to change the $label not the $value.

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