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I have a page where in my masterpage have a toolbar with a "Home" button to the far left. This button is not in a contentplaceholder but on the page.

I want to have the opportunity for derived pages to add their own controls or whatever to the toolbar to be whown after the "home" button. But how to do this?

I have tried to put in a contentplaceholder, but it seems that I cannot get it to show inline with the other stuff, it breaks and the content of the contentplaceholder is shown below the button instead.

Does anyone know how to solve this?


Regarding the comment from @Remy below:

Do you, by chance, have a line break in the masterpage's markup between the button and contentplaceholder?

I started looking and because I'm a bit inexperienced at designing with CSS (when aligning text and an image vertically center). I created a table that enclosed each button - forgot that table are block elements, so there was my line break.

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Do you mean merge the markup in both the master's content place holder place holder and the form's? If so this is not possible. – RichardOD Aug 7 '09 at 8:36
No, not merge, the "home" toolbar button is not in a content placeholder, its in the masterpage markup. I "just" want to show a content placeholder "inline" behind my toolbar button, now it makes a linebreak and is shown as "block" – H4mm3rHead Aug 7 '09 at 8:40
Do you, by chance, have a line break in the masterpage's markup between the button and contentplaceholder? – Remy Lebeau Aug 7 '09 at 8:43

You can make the toolbar in the MasterPage available through a public property. Then you can access the master page from the content using Content.Master propery. Then you can add the controls to the toolbar as you add any runtime control.

Also, you need to Typecase the Content.Master to the type of your master file class before accessing its public property.

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What i forgot to mention is that this is MVC, so i dont have access to the master (at least not that i know of) – H4mm3rHead Aug 7 '09 at 9:28

There are many ways:

  • from derived page you can get to the master page content over Page.MasterPage, and manipulate by controls located there. So you just need to allocate at master server-div or Panel and locate it by Page.MasterPage.FindControl to populate with particular inline elements

  • ContentPlaceholder does nothing with HTML layout, so you header can looks like:

        <span> <!-- your Home button declaration goes there --> </span> 
        <span> <asp:ContentPlaceHolder ... </span>
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