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I did a ssrs report using Tablix Matrix control. I am designing that matrix with one column and many rows. That once column will repeat based on the group that i had from SP at run time. It works fine. But now I want to change the background color dynamically for the header text box of the tablix. Is it possible?

I need to do dynamically. Since I dont know how many column will get at run time. It depends upon the data from Stored Procedure.

Can any one help me out this?

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You can set the background color for the textbox to an expression, just like any other text box. For example, something like this:

=Iif(Fields!MyHeader.Value = "AlertColumn", "#FF0000", "#FFFFFF")
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This is a bit old post. But I can say that yes we can achive alternate row/Column background color on Matrix control. Please take a look into Matrix row/column background color thred.

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