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I am working on android project. I used sqlite database for it. I have tables in database. I have created databasehelper class. i want to count number of records in particular table. how can i achieve this ? any help will be appreciated?

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Hope cursor length will help you. –  MAC Sep 15 '12 at 10:31
return db.rawQuery("SELECT _id FROM table", null).getCount(); –  Pratik Butani Jun 10 at 10:47

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This would be more efficient:

int numRows = DatabaseUtils.longForQuery(db, "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table_name", null);


int numRows = DatabaseUtils.queryNumEntries(db, "table_name");
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They both don't work if you don't cast them to (int) since they return a long. –  algorithms Aug 29 at 13:04

Try this.

Cursor c = db.rawQuery("select * from your_table_name",null);
Log.i("Number of Records"," :: "+c.getCount());

Edit : c.getCount() returns the number of records of particular table.

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Using SELECT query is enough, then count the size of Cursor..

The method from Cursor to count size (number of rows in cursor) is,


Returns the numbers of rows in the cursor.

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