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Hi what I'm trying to do is insert a time period value in my database which is enrollperiod and the format is: MONTH+ STRTDAY+ ENDDAY, To get these values i have 3 text areas and combine them like so:

   $enrollp= $_POST['month'] . $_POST['strtday'] . $_POST['endday'];

(I'm not focused on SQL injections right now but don't worry iv'e read some PDO and prepared statement articles)

And i would insert this like so:

   $sql="Update tbl_enroll set enrollperiod='$enrollp'";

my problem is what data type should enrollperiod have? and how should i be able to retrieve the value inside on enrollperiod and use is in this code:

     if (date('m') == '09' && date('d') == '12' &&  date('d') == '12' && $allowed)

The above line is not modified to check for the start date and end date I'm not sure how to perform it. Would appreciate any help.

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Curious to know about the constraints preventing you from storing the details in three different columns! – Vikdor Sep 15 '12 at 10:36
@Vikdor Yes i thought about that too just wan't to ask if its ok to combine time in a way. – Tony Sep 15 '12 at 10:38
Oh! okay. BTW, what would "week" contain? Start and end day are understood. – Vikdor Sep 15 '12 at 10:40
oh crapper that should be MONTH my bad editing. – Tony Sep 15 '12 at 10:45
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Every field (attribute) in a database relation (table) must be ATOMIC.

Why do you want to combine these values in one field? is there a logical reason for doing this?

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I would use this format to store it in database:


So after retrieving data from Database you could use explode function to split those 3 parts using the "_" character like this:

$array = explode('_', $field);
$week = $array[0];
$strtday = $array[1];
$endday = $array[2];

The type of field depends on the data that you are going to store, for example if the "week" is in range of 1-53 and the "strtday" and "endday" are in range of 1-7 then a VARCHAR(6) could be cool for that field.

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