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in iphone application developing some time app crash,in log it didn't show proper my question is that,how to track right app crash reason in the Xcode?

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Since you're not giving details of any specific crash, all I can tell you is general techniques for finding common errors:

1) Turn on breakpoints for Objective-C exceptions.

2) Use @try/@catch.

3) Turn on zombies (in case it's memory-related).

4) Step through the program in the debugger.

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Try add Zombie object to your current project. Select Product -> Edit Schema -> Diagnostics then mark Enable Zombie object Make sure that you left tab selection is [Run "app name"] This make you simply track your exceptions.

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Enable Zombie and Add Exception Breakpoint .

a simple tutorial and This is a particular post by iOS Tutorial Team member

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You can be analyze or profile your project. and by using Instrument you can find the app crasing reason.

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