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public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
        String sout;
            Runtime rt=Runtime.getRuntime();                            
Process p=rt.exec("javac sout.java",null,new     File("C:/c/compile assign"));

I am storing the class name in String sout(through TextField) then calling sout.java (i.e classname.java) but it was unable to build a class file.

InputStream is = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("java input.getText()",null,new             File("C:/c/compile assign")).getInputStream();
            //BufferedInputStream b=new BufferedInputStream(is);
         BufferedReader br= new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(is));      
        catch(Exception e1)
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Commands to exec or better ProcessBuilder are better kept in a String[]. Be sure to visit the Java World article linked from the exec info. page. Implement all the recommendations. –  Andrew Thompson Sep 15 '12 at 11:59

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If you're keeping the classname in a string sout as supplied in the input textfield then your output compile command should be:

Process p=rt.exec("javac " + sout + ".java", null, new File("C:/c/compile assign"));

Also your run command should be:

Runtime.getRuntime().exec("java " + input.getText(), null, new File("C:/c/compile assign")).getInputStream();

You will probably want to add further validation before using the raw value (e.g. class exists) from this field before launching the java command.

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