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I am building a facebook app where users create invitations and invite their friends to join the event. It has 3 steps and second step has a custom friend selector where I let user select some of his friends that he/she would like to invite. In step 3 after confirming I would like to send notification/message/request to invitees and I can't figure out a nice way to do that.

I can't use JS friend request as I have a custom friend selector. I couldn't find a way to send a message from server side. I was able to send app request but only to app users.

Is there A way of sending a little notification to user that he was invited to an event by his friend?

*Not all invitees are app users *Not all users accepted TOS *Don't want to post to wall until invitee accepts or rejects the invitation

Any pointers would be appreciated.


Hope this helps someone. Here is how I was able to send a server side request.

@oauth ='app_id', 'access_token')
@oauth_token = @oauth.get_app_access_token
graph =
graph.put_object("fb_id", "apprequests", {:message=>'Welcome to my app'})
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I am using Koala a ruby gem to interact with Facebook. I was able to send app request. App requests are not so obvious and there is a high chance that users might not notice the request. Is there a way to send notification or message to app users and not app users? – BinnyG Sep 15 '12 at 17:17

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