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I have the problem of serialized objects having a mismatching serialversionuids.. Here is my scenario...

Version 1. Class A extends Class B, both implement serializable, Class B DOES NOT HAVE A SERIAL UID

Version 2. Class A extends Class B, both implement serializable, Class B NOW HAS A SERIAL UID*, CLASS A's serialuid is same as that of version 1.

sadly i dont have access to the java sources, so i checked here and on other sites and found a workaround by overriding the readclassdescriptor of my objectinputstream and using that to read the objects.. however, i followed the example to the letter but my code still reports that the serialversionuids (of class B) still do not match.. i even tried another solution where i "inject" the Class B version 2's serialversionuid into Class B v1's data and then read using objectinputstream but i can't find the serialversionuid in the file where Class B v1's objects are persisted (using a hex viewer/editor) .. any ideas how i can overcome this? Thanks

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I would set the serialVersionUID to 1 and when you get your error message like

serialVersionUID=-1023774639622504485 local class serialVersionUID=1

you know that if you change your serialVersionUID to -1023774639622504485L or what ever it is it will match what you have currently. This will allow you to get past the uid check.

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well i dont have access to the source files of both classes – user681443 Sep 15 '12 at 13:39

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