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I ran into the dreaded "R cannot be resolved to a variable" error after doing a Project > Clean. I tracked the problem down to my main.XML file (wasnt the typical import.R in the java) . It was giving an error along the lines of "error parsing XML" at the end of my LinearLayout. To fix it I had to clear out all the code in my main.XML, save the changes, then retype it. That fixed the R cannot be resolved. However, my buttons are no longer visible in either the graphical layout image or while running on a device. I have an edittext at the top which is still visible, but the buttons below it no longer show up. Project > Clean doesn't fix it, exiting and restarting Eclipse hasnt fixed it, typing in a harmless string or adding another button and saving hasnt fixed it. My gen file is there, and its showing the layout. Thoughts on where else to look?

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Sorry, I was a little too quick there. I'm not sure your issue has much to do with the fact that it occurred after having the "R cannot be resolved to a variable" error. These might help though: Button not displaying in LinearLayout - Google Search: button not showing android. If not, try posting your XML. – Aske B. Sep 15 '12 at 13:58
Second set of links did the trick, much appreciated. Was just coincidence it happened after the R problem, was barking up the wrong tree ;-) – user1409172 Sep 15 '12 at 14:16

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Aske B. answered the question for me with the links he provided, there was a problem in the the XML.

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