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Earlier i worked with my site through FTP client and all my files had owner user_ftp. Now i use SVN and after commit my files have owner and group root and permission 000.

It's not problem, if i make changes in files from folder controllers, models etc, but when i made changes in file index.php - site give 500 internal server error, and i must manually change owner and group for this file with command

chown user_ftp:user_group index.php
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Subversion does not track permissions in the repository, except for the execute bit. If you have a SVN working copy with files owned by root, that's because you did your svn checkout or svn update as root. Don't do that; nothing in SVN requires root access.

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Thank you, i'm logged as user_ftp and made svn up - all works. –  yAnTar Sep 15 '12 at 15:20

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