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Here is my mapping:

autocmd FileType java inoremap <F5> <ESC>:upd\|!javac %<CR>:!java %:r<CR>

It does three things at once: saves, compiles, and runs java files. It works as expected but I want more from it.

Actually it happens that when the .class file is run and I press any key to enter the editor window, I remain in the normal mode, which I don't want to be. I want to enter insert mode as soon as I press any key.

I tried appending i to the mapping:

autocmd FileType java inoremap <F5> <ESC>:upd\|!javac %<CR>:!java %:r<CR>i

But this doesn't even gives time to view to output of .class file (i.e. it saves, compiles, executes, and goes into insert mode without pausing).

I want to do all the things that my first mapping is doing, along with changing to insert mode after pressing any key.

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You can wait for a keypress via getchar(). Append the following to your mapping:

:call getchar()<CR>

or, with message:

:echo "Press any key"<Bar>call getchar()<CR>

After that, you can re-enter insert mode via i or :startinsert

:echo "Press any key"<Bar>call getchar()<Bar>startinsert<CR>
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Doesn't waits at output screen. –  Santosh Kumar Sep 17 '12 at 14:39

Try using :start<cr> or :norm i<cr> at the end.

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Does the work of going in insert mode, but doesn't waits at output screen to see the output. –  Santosh Kumar Sep 17 '12 at 14:37

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