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Is it possible to have height transitions that don't affect the position of nearby elements?

This particular case involves divs with float:left.


I'd like the hover transition to go on top of the element you can see moving around.

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Could you post a minimal (SSCCE) demo on JS Fiddle, JS Bin, or similar? That way it's easier for us to adjust your CSS to solve your problem without having to recreate a demo ourselves? – David Thomas Sep 15 '12 at 14:56

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Give the container boxes Relative positioning and the fly-out details box Absolute positioning. Since Absolute positioned elements are removed from the layout, it wont interfere with the floats.


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I'm afraid that in the current layout-logic you're following, it'd be very hard to fix.

Why? Because like your floats in the first row are aligned next to each other, when a box in the upper row is expanded on :hover, the floats in the bottom row will reposition relatively to that one as well.

Here's how I would go about achieving your idea:

  • Don't use floating, use something like display: inline-block;.
  • Your semantic article wrappers are causing issues when using inline-block;. Either get rid of them (oops, might not be SEO friendly), or make sure you aren't relying on overflow: hidden; when styling your "boxes."

Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

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You can use position property instead of using float property, you can do following:

#idname {
   margin-bottom:100px; /* I had written 100px only for example you can adjust it according to your screen */

#idname:hover {
   -moz-transtion: /* adjust the setting here for Firefox */;
   -webkit-transition: /* adjust the setting here for chrome and safari */;
   -o-transition: /* adjust the setting here for Opera */;

This will enable the moving of div and its position will be fixed.

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You could use a transition on a transform by using. Transform will change the element without effecting layout. You would want to use transform: scaleY() say you wanted to double the height of something:

transform: scaleY(2);
-webkit-transform: scaleY(2);
-moz-transform: scaleY(2);
-o-transform: scaleY(2);
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