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Since yesterday my eclipse does not work anymore for c++ projects ( After a restart of the computer because of general updates). I work with ubuntu. Re-installation and with a new installation of and or ...1.6.x (see does not help. I also uninstalled tzdata-java which didn't helped (compare

I tried to do the following, but I was unable to change the eclipse.ini file from read only to writable.

The problems are the following. If I want to make target (create) of an existing project it gives the error message: 'Compute launche button tooltip' has encountered a problem. An internal error occured during: "Compite launch button tooltip" under details: "An internal error occurred during: "Compute launch button tooltip". org/eclipse/cdt/core/model/CoreModel".

Another error message is (if I want to close the project): "An error has occured. See error log for more details" under details "An error has occurred. See error log for more details. org/eclipse/cdt/core/model/ICElement".

If I want to create a new c++ project is gives the error message: Problem Opening Wizard The selected wizard could not be started." details: "The selected wizard could not be started. Plug-in org.eclipse.cdt.ui was unable to load class org.eclipse.cdt.ui.wizards.CCProjectWizard. An error occurred while automatically activating bundle org.eclipse.cdt.ui (229)."

I copied the whole existing folder to my macbook (I just used texlipse on this one so far) and it does not work.

I am looking forward to your help and ideas! Thanks.

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I would do a clean reinstall of Eclipse. These errors are not really programming errors, but internal errors of the IDE. – David Rodríguez - dribeas Sep 15 '12 at 17:29
I did the reinstall with the Ubuntu Software Center and with the terminal. And after a new installation I still have the problem. Therefore I tried after the deinstallation to find maybe more eclipse files. When I do "locate eclipse" in the terminal there are still many folders shown. E.g. /var/lib/dpkg/info/eclipse-jdt.listrm: If I want to remove one it says e.g. " remove write-protected regular file eclipse-jdt_3.7.2-1_i386.deb'? yes rm: cannot remove eclipse-jdt_3.7.2-1_i386.deb': Permission denied". How do I do a clean reinstall? – user1669205 Sep 16 '12 at 15:04
I tried to delete it with rm -r eclipse* when I was in the current folder. – user1669205 Sep 16 '12 at 15:11
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Does this work for you?

apt-get --reinstall install tzdata-java

Source: Elipse: "Run as" does not display the list elements (such as "Run as android application")

(Worked for me)

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