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I have create A communicator using the construct MPI_Comm_split(), And then I want to try some send/receive communication both at MPI_Comm_World level and at the new-communicators level. Two communicators are created (one with even-process rank the other with odd-rank).

NOTE: I need to try communication only inside the new communicator that contains even-process-ranks (though the rank of the processes is not the original one, I am still concerned with what those process have in their memory space)

My code is as follows,

    #include "mpi.h"
    int main(int arg, char **argv){
    int rank,newrank,newrank2;
    int size, newSize,newSize2;
    int data;
    int recv;
    MPI_Comm newComm, newComm2;
    MPI_Status status, newStatus;

    //sample data
    data = rank * 100 + 1;

    printf("my rank in the WORLD is: %d\n", rank);

    printf("my rank in the newComm1 is : %d\n", newrank);
    printf("my rank in the newComm2 is : %d\n", newrank2);

    //Now try some communication at the newCommunicator and at the WORLD level
    if(rank == 0){
    //sending to process 1 wrt WOLD_Comm
    //Receive from process at WORLD_Comm level. 
    printf("Received at WORLD Level : %d \n\n",recv);
    if(newSize > 2){
    if(newrank == 2){
        //send to process 1 wrt the newComm
        //Receive from process at newComm level.
        printf("Received at newComm Level : %d \n\n",recv);
    return 0;

The error happens when the I try to send/receive data inside new Communicator. The error makes sense because process that do not belong to the new communicator (odd-rank processes) can not use the new communicator handle (newComm).

So my question is how can I check if a given process belongs to the new communicator or not.
So that I can put this guard before doing any communication.


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I'd revisit the code doing MPI_Comm_split. From what I can tell, you don't need two separate variables newComm and newComm2. When you call MPI_Comm_split, you can think of multiple communicators being created globally: one for each value of color. But each process calling MPI_Comm_split only gets a reference to one communicator - the one it belongs to.

The if statement with MPI_Comm_split can be replaced by

MPI_Comm_split(MPI_COMM_WORLD, (rank % 2 == 0), rank, &newComm);
MPI_Comm_rank(newComm, &newrank);
MPI_Comm_size(newComm, &newSize);

Two communicators are created, but newComm refers to a different communicator in different processes.

If the odd-numbered processes don't need to communicate at all, you can make them supply MPI_UNDEFINED for color. This will make them get a value of MPI_COMM_NULL for newComm:

MPI_Comm_split(MPI_COMM_WORLD, (rank % 2) ? MPI_UNDEFINED : 0, rank, &newComm);

Then your code can check if (newcomm == MPI_COMM_NULL).

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hey Greg Inozemtsev, thank you very much! just one question though: what if I still need communication of odd-numbered processes but not now, they will be used later in the code. Now, having that in mind when I check if(rank==0), two processes able to pass this if statement one from even-numbered group and the other from odd-numbered group. which is what I don't want and that is why I try to use two separate handles. Is there any other way please?? – LeTex Sep 16 '12 at 20:42
That's what the first snippet does. We use (rank % 2 == 0) for the color argument. Which means that on even-numbered processes, color == 1, and on odd-numbered processes color == 0. After MPI_Comm_split returns, we have 3 communicators: the original MPI_COMM_WORLD, and a communicator for each color. On even-numbered ranks, newComm refers to the communicator where callers supplied color == 1 (so, the even ranks). On odd-numbered ranks, newComm is the communicator with processes that had color == 0 (the odd ranks). And MPI_COMM_WORLD still contains all processes. – Greg Inozemtsev Sep 16 '12 at 23:24
oky! I got it now. thanks – LeTex Sep 17 '12 at 8:23

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