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Lets say I have a table called "pages" , fields : id , name , content , position. When I display all pages in my cms , I want to put "down" and "up" buttons to set page position. How I do the position update ? how I know how to reposition the other pages ?

For example:

id  name  content  position
1   Home  bla bla  1
2   Info  bla bla  4

If I click "up" for the second page(Info) the position need to update to 1 and the first page position need to be bigger than 1 - like 2.

I use MySQL database , I need solution on PHP.

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Sort position and swap up and down – HanhNghien Sep 15 '12 at 15:47

Since you're not posting any code I can't give a specific solution, but I can give you a general one. It would be something like this (not tested)

Decrease the position of your page (assuming it's name is in $pageName, and that the table name is pages) like this:

  mysql_query("UPDATE `pages` SET position=position-1 WHERE name=$pageName");

You might want to check that the rank is >0 first, if you don't allow negative rank. Increase the position of the page that now has the same rank as the current page

 mysql_query("UPDATE `pages` SET position=position+1 
        WHERE position = (SELECT position FROM `pages` WHERE name=$pageName) 
        AND NOT name=".$pageName)

This of course assumes that there is no UNIQUE constraint on the page ranks. If there is, do something like:

  1. Select the rank for the page you want to edit (say to $thisRank
  2. Select the id of the page with rank $thisRank-1, i.e. the one above (say to $aboveId) to an unused rank.
  3. Set the rank of your page to $thisRank-1
  4. Set the rank of $aboveId to $thisRank
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One way to accomplish that is to submit on the same page. For example position.php

If you have 3 records, consider:

John bla bla (position 1)
Mary bla bla (position 2)
George bla bla (position 3)

At first you need a link like this

    <a href="position.php?position=<?=$position?>&id=<?=$id?>">up</a>

The $position is the current position of the element as you see above and the id is the id of your table.

When you click on that link with

    $_GET['position'] and $_GET['id'] 

you have the position and the id of the current record.

So you can do the following

         //connect to DB

         if(isset($_GET['position']) && isset($_GET['id'])){
           $line = $_GET['position'];    
          $id = $_GET['id'];
          //if line is not the first one    

        $query = "select id,position from pages where position<$line order by position   desc limit 0,1";
       $result = mysql_query($query);
       $row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
       $gotoLine = $row['position'];//line to go to
       $idLine = $row['id'];
       //one position up
       $queryUpdate = "update pages set position=$gotoLine where id=$id";
       //one position down
       $queryUpdate2 = "update pages set position=$line where id=$idLine";


   $queryLinks = "select * from pages order by position";
   $resultLinks = mysql_query($queryLinks);
   while($rowLinks = mysql_fetch_array($resultLinks)){

   $name = $rowLinks['name'];
   $id = $rowLinks['id'];
   $position = $rowLinks['position'];

   echo "$name<a href='position.php?position=$position&id=$id'> up </a><br/>";


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