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I've just tried several hundreds (if not thousands...) of RegEx's available to get what I want... But none of them worked.

I'm simply looking for a Regular expression, that represents a TimeSpan days.hours:minutes:seconds: 7.00:00:00 would represent "7 Days"

This one sadly doesn't work:


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That's because your Regex pattern is expecting 2 digits for days and you only have 1 digit. Just make the first digit optional with ?


or better yet just use + to match one or more because that pattern would still not match 100 days

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Oh well, you're right of course... Thank you! :) –  SeToY Sep 15 '12 at 16:16

This one is technically more correct and probably more efficient too:

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For some reason, SO displays backslash-dot as only dot (removes backslash), so I have placed an extra backslash while editing and the output now appears correctly. –  dotNET Sep 15 '12 at 16:11
Edited answer to display the expression as code. –  Bas Mar 10 at 21:09

The accepted answer doesn't seem to work for the basic case.

Following the TimeSpan parsing rule I have come up with this pattern.


Note This pattern will pass the 10.12 format while MSDN marks this as an invalid format. This should be a valid format IMO.

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