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I have a jsp i.e customer.jsp where i open the popup with below code snippet'customerSuccess.jsp','customer', 'height=600,width=900,top=30,left=50,resizable=yes,menubar,scrollbars');

This opens the CustomerSuccess.jsp which has function buttonClicked which gets called on click of one button. CustomerSuccess.jsp has form with name Department

  function buttonClicked() {
    document.forms['Department'].file.value = '459';

My question is parent window page gets submitted instead of popup window. I am not getting why it is not submitting the popup html form?

What i tried:- I also tried to get length of forms before submitting the form . Length come out out to be 1 and name is Department

var theForms = document.getElementsByTagName("form");  
for(i=0; i<theForms.length; i++)  
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I was able to resolve it with following code snippet before submission of form on child window


Looks like pop up window by default targets the parent window if we dont specify self for target

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