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I just installed postgres 9.2 on windows 7. The install went fine. Opening up pgadmin went fine and I added a database called playorm which worked fine. I connected with SQL Workbench to the playorm database which worked.

I then start the command line like so

 ./psql.exe -h localhost -U postgres playorm

It just hangs forever. 5 mintues later and it is still hung. Am I missing something in the command( I also tried -d playorm instead but still hangs). Anyone else have 9.2 working on windows 7?

thanks, Dean

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ah, I figured it out. It ONLY hangs in cygwin....dangit, I hate using DOS command prompts.

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Get msys - the most convenient way these days is via git for windows. It provides a civilized(ish) shell. BTW, you should accept your answer. –  Craig Ringer Sep 16 '12 at 2:28
I usually do accept my own answer...in fact just tried now and I have to wait one more day....grrrrrr..stupid stack overflow feature of preventing users from accepting their own answer :(. –  Dean Hiller Sep 16 '12 at 16:36

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