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Hi I'm new using Yii and I'm having a problem, I have two models, modelA and modelB , modelB has a foreing key to modelA, so what I want is in the form of modelA add instances of modelB dinamically. I mean in the form of modelA fill all the fields of modelA and add 3 or 4 instances of modelB, then submit everithing together. There is any way to do it with yii?

Please an example would be helpful.

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In your ModelA controller where you are creating a new ModelA (usually actionCreate()), can you not add code to add a new ModelB after $modelA->save() returns true? –  Stu Sep 16 '12 at 11:40

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Well,if i understood you well,i think you should define a new object of Model A in COntroller related to B and injects fields of B into A in the action that is in charge of that process!

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