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When I try to customize the CRUD's list() function by passing a where clause like this:

where = "state in (Punjab,Jammu and Kashmir)";
List objects = type.findPage(page, search, searchFields, orderBy, order, where);

I get an IllegalArgumentException like below:

IllegalArgumentException occured : invalid where clause: state in (Punjab,Jammu and Kashmir).

This I believe is MorphiaPlugin is splitting wherever there is an "and" with this MorphiaPlugin line

String[] propValPairs = where.split("(and|&&)");

Any workaround for this? How can I escape the word "and" in my where clause? I am using Play 1.2.5 and morphia-1.2.9.

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You should replace "and" with "," in your "in" expression:

state in (Punjab,Jammu and Kashmir) => state in (Punjab,Jammu, Kashmir).

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Jammu and Kashmir is a single entity! And for that matter even Uttarakhand is a problem. In short any condition which has an 'and' in it is an 'illegal argument'. –  CodeTripper Sep 16 '12 at 10:07
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