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I am trying to configure FB connect with my app. It used to work fine until July 18, 2012. I have not modified any code, but now it stopped working.

Using devise and omniauth

When I am trying to connect with FB I get this error:

AbstractController::ActionNotFound (The action 'facebook' could not be found for AuthenticationsController):

config/initializers/quiet_assets.rb:6:in `call_with_quiet_assets'

GET /users/auth/facebook/callback?code=AQD...#=

There is only create method in AuthenticationsController, no facebook nor twitter, twitter is working though.

app_id and app-secret match

Everything works fine with Twitter, both FB and Twitter were setup at the same time.


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devise_for :users, :controllers => { :registrations => "registrations", :passwords => "passwords", :omniauth_callbacks => "authentications"} is routing to facebook method not create –  Sam Graham Sep 15 '12 at 20:42
request.env["action_dispatch.request.unsigned_session_cookie"]["omniauth.params"‌​]["invite_type"] == 'facebook' this line returns no method error –  Sam Graham Sep 15 '12 at 20:44

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