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Guys i have the awesomium webcontrol that was available in the toolbox and it doesnot display choose file or any dialog box for uploading files(e.g. uploading pic/video in facebook).pls give the complete procedure on how to enable it.i am using visual c# and it is a wpf application.

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Some more info is needed.

  • Are you referring to the WinForms or the WPF WebControl?
  • Have you downloaded the latest RC? Download it here.

The WinForms WebControl provides all dialogs. The WPF WebControl provides all dialogs too, however, folder selection dialogs are only supported on Windows Vista and newer. If the dialogs do not appear, you may have to handle the SelectLocalFiles event. Make sure the event is fired. If it is but you still see no dialog, handle the event yourself and display your own modal dialog. Provide the result to FileDialogEventArgs.SelectedFile or FileDialogEventArgs.SelectedFiles and don't forget to set FileDialogEventArgs.Handled to true.

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What version of Awesomium? You need probably 1.7RC2 which has modal dialog boxes.

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I AM USING AWESOMIUM 1.7RC2.the webcontrol doesnot show the dialog on facebook. –  Harish Sp Sep 16 '12 at 4:52

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