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After you install VS2010 and start it for the first time, your asked how you want your VS environment set, such as: C#, Web Developer, VB, etc...

How do you change this settings later?

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Out of my experience, I didn't find a way to reset these settings. I did a reinstall. – Mahesh Sep 15 '12 at 18:18
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To reset your settings

On the Tools menu, click Import and Export Settings.

On the Welcome to the Import and Export Settings Wizard page, click Reset all settings and then click Next.

You can then choose to save your old settings or not, then click Next.

In Which collection of settings do you want to reset to, select a settings collection from the list. This is where you choose for example C#.

Press Finish and you're done.

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Go to Tools menu >> Import and Export Settings >> Reset all settings. Follow the instructions of the wizard and choose the desired language as default development environment.

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