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I am trying to achieve the following:

  • Within the scene, there to be a 'scrollable' area, containing clickable sprites/CCMenuItems.

    • Within the same scene there to be (outside of the 'scrollable' area) clickable sprites/CCMenuItems.

I have tried already using the CCScrollLayer extension for cocos2d, however the whole screen responds to a swipe, whereas I would like just a specific area to respond. Also, when adding more buttons to the scene, which are not part of the CCScrollLayer I get multiple 'ccTouchesBegan Override' errors/crashes.

Here is an image to further explain what I seek: What I want

If anyone can help me implement a 'Scroll Area' or even point me in the right direction I would appreciate it greatly!

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You can try to create your own scrollable layer and register it as targeted touch dispatcher delegate. In this case in touchBegan:withEvent: method you will be able to detect, whether position of the touch is inside needed area (scrollable area, in your case).

Or check CCScrollable Layer code. I didn't use it before, maybe it can do the same for you, just need to register it as targeted touch dispatcher delegate instead of standard.

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