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What I'm looking for is this function:

def maybe[A, B](a: Option[A])(f: A => B)(g: () => B): B = a match 
    case Some(x) => f(x)
    case None => g()

It's in the Haskell prelude so I'm thinking it might be in the Scala standard library somewhere and I've just missed it. I hate having to recode it in projects so I'm wondering if anyone knows where it is, or if it's definitively not there. Or is there a better method for getting this functionality?

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You could do

val opt:Option[A] = // ...
val result:B =;

getOrElse takes a by-name parameter, so g will only be evaluated if opt is None.

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Why a => f(a) instead of just f? – Alexey Romanov Aug 7 '09 at 13:40
Well, actually, just f ought to work. – Daniel C. Sobral Aug 7 '09 at 14:51

Other answers have given the map + getOrElse composition. Just for the record, you can "add" a maybe function to Option in the following way:

implicit def optionWithMaybe[A](opt: Option[A]) = new {
  def maybe[B](f: A=>B)(g: =>B) = opt map f getOrElse g

It's worth noting that the syntax of higher-order functions in Scala is usually nicer when the function parameter comes last. Thus, a better way to organize maybe would be as follows:

def maybe[B](g: =>B)(f: A=>B) = opt map f getOrElse g

This could be used as follows:

val opt: Option[String] = ...
opt.maybe("") { _.toUpperCase }
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The method would be called fold if it were to adhere to convention (see Either.fold which is the catamorphism for Either).

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You can use scalaz, and then you have an implicit conversion to OptionW which has fold, or you can use Scala 2.10.0-M3 and use the builtin Option.fold

scala> Some(1).fold(5)(_ * 2)
res5: Int = 2

scala> (None: Option[Int]).fold(5)(_ * 2)
res7: Int = 5

Note that the scalaz fold signature is fold[X](some: A => X, none: => X), while the builtin seems to be fold[X](none: => X)(some: A => X).

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+1 for mentioning that the function is already in the standard library in the latest version – gerferra May 22 '12 at 23:01

I don't think there is. The best I could come up with is to chain Option's "map" and "getOrElse" together:

scala> var a: Option[String] = Some("hello")
a: Option[String] = Some(hello)

res19: java.lang.String = HELLO

scala> a = None
a: Option[String] = None

res21: java.lang.String = empty
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I don't think there is. However, I'd write it to take g by name:

def maybe[A, B](a: Option[A])(f: A => B)(g: => B): B =

This is more Scala- and Haskell-like and a bit nicer to use.

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I'd use Option.fold for this:


Note that g is by-name, just like getOrElse. Also note the inversion of the cases.

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