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I have the following:

  • QNAP server which has (MYSQL / PHP)

The IP address of the server is

What I am trying to do:

  • To access then it will show the PHP file which will have list of all the virtual hosts listed in the same directory.


 1. (Main page that shows the list of directories)
 2. (some website)
 3. (some website)

The idea of the script is that I only need to put in and select the folder which is the website I am working on. And then I have click on the folder and I have the site up and going.


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A solution has been found which for me is a better idea. Not only can I have a list of all the websites but I can build it into a nice opening web which can contain other information.


The link above is for the script that I have used and works very well.

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