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I have a php page that recalls data from an SQL table, and then displays them. I am trying to create a popup page to view tables related to a piece of data in the table(normalized database). I am having trouble figuring out how to do this. my current php table display is where $result is a mysqli query array

while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) {
    echo '<tr>';
    echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'>{$row['first_name']}</td>";
    echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'>{$row['last_name']}</td>";
    echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'>{$row['grade']}</td>";
    echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'>{$row['gpaP']}</td>";
    echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'>{$row['AGP']}</td>";
    echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'>{$row['rigorP']}</td>";
    echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'>{$row['APP']}</td>";
    echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'>{$row['formID']}</td>";
    echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'>{$row['total']}</td>"; 
    echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'>{$row['date']}</td>";
    echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'>{$row['IP']}</td>";
    echo '</tr>';


echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'>{$row['formID']}</td>";

is what I need to change into a hotlink for a popup box. The popup's href should be "activities.php?form_id={$formID}" but I can't figure out a way to do this while dealing with all the collisions with the php and everything. What i was trying to do was making a link like

echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'><a href=\"javascript:win1()\">asdfasd<a/></td>";

and then creating a javascript function like

<script language="JavaScript">
function win1() {"activities.php?form_ID={$formID}","Window1","menubar=no,width=460,height=360,toolbar=no");

but this does not work because the $formID variable isnt getting loaded for some reason. If i try to get the variable from activities.php like

$getvar = $_GET['form_ID'];

and then

echo $getvar;

it displays nothing.. Someone please help me, I think my head is going to burst..

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Try to change your function to

function win1(formID) {"activities.php?form_ID="+formID,"Window1","menubar=no,width=460,height=360,toolbar=no");

and your PHP to

echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'><a href=\"javascript:win1($formID)\">asdfasd<a/></td>";
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after i GET the variable in activities.php the echo is displaying "undefined" – lonewaft Sep 15 '12 at 20:39
how are you getting your formID? Maybe it should be win1($row['formID'] – codingbiz Sep 15 '12 at 20:53
you mean win1($row['formID']) with a parantheses right? – lonewaft Sep 15 '12 at 20:59
Yes! Check your browser [inspect element] and check the generated href value – codingbiz Sep 15 '12 at 21:01
IT WORKS OH YES THANK YOU SO MUCH! this was keeping me crazy for the whole day... If i could give you 10000 points i would.. THank you so much.. – lonewaft Sep 15 '12 at 21:15

You can use inside the while:

echo "<td style='border:1px solid black;'><a href=\"javascript:win1('{$row['formID']}')\">asdfasd<a/></td>";

and function outside that while:

<script language="JavaScript">
function win1(frmid) {"activities.php?form_ID="+frmid,"Window1","menubar=no,width=460,height=360,toolbar=no");
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