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Ok so my dad has around 400 customers for his business and he has a list of customers, his business was going a bit slow so he decided to spend 2 days putting each customers name into this format:

  • First and Last Names
  • Address and Zip-code

Into one big sheet and then printing it.

I'm working on a program that loads all his customers from a mysql database into datagridview it loads, into ID, First, Last, Phone, Address and Zip-code.

So my question is, how would i be able to select an id number, or multiple id numbers to convert it onto a richtextbox so he could copy it or even print it from there?

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You'll need to run a query. My recommendation is to use pdo.

The query should look something like this.

 SELECT * FROM `customers` (you could add a WHERE clause also e.g. WHERE id = 1)

Next you need to grab the results from that query. You should use fetch.

Once you have the results. You could make a while loop and feet the results into a table, textarea, or anywhere!

Now you know how you can do it. :) Hope this helped.

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I would recommend that you get the data with PDO, then store it in a spreadsheet with PHPExcel.

The query would be something like:

SELECT * FROM `customers` ORDER BY `customer_name`

If there are multiple rows for one customer, you can also use:

SELECT * FROM `customers` ORDER BY `customer_name` GROUP BY `customer_name`
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