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I want to bind a two-level-nested array to a XAML control in a Windows 8 Metro-style App. The array looks like (with A, B, C being the elements of the top-level array)


and I want to bind a property of W, X, Y and Z. What's the recommended way for achieving this? Should I use an IValueConverter (which results in much code)?

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If I understand your question correctly, I think you can use LINQ's SelectMany() in a property and report PropertyChanged. Something like this:

private string[][] _my2DArray;
public string[][] My2DArray
    get { return _my2DArray; }
        _my2DArray = value;

public IEnumerable<string> InternalArrays
    get { return _my2DArray.SelectMany(a => a); }

You may want to consider using an ObservableCollection instead of an array to notify changes within the collection.

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Thanks for your answer. But I think it doesn't answer my question. My problem is that I'm unable to bind to a property of all the elements in the second level array. On other platforms (not Windows 8) it's possible to use an XPath expression as binding (see this answer on SO). But that's not possible on Win8. – Lukas_Skywalker Sep 16 '12 at 6:40

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