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I was wondering if theres a way to return a ruby variable into a haml file with sinatra. For examply


  = variable


get '/' do
  variable = "foobar"
  haml :filename

and then have the haml file return with


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Just set it as an instance variable.

get '/' do
  @variable = "foobar"
  haml :filename

And your haml:

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hours of googling and pouring through api's, you would think that would be somewhere. Thanks a ton! – OneChillDude Sep 16 '12 at 3:32

You can pass in a hash of locals to your template:

get '/local' do
  haml :filename, :locals => {:variable => "foobar"}

Now in your template, variable will be a variable with the value "foobar".

A possible alternative might be to use a helper method:

helpers do
  def variable

Now in your template variable will be a (badly named) method that returns "foobar".

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I think it's a beautiful name. Thanks for your answer, very helpful. – OneChillDude Sep 16 '12 at 3:34

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