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Should I do



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It doesn't really matter, it will run the code indifferent of it's position. But you want to put the rollback() in the catch, and with that setup it's not readable if you put begin outside.

I would vote for inside the try.

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add it inside the try/catch block, so you can catch any PDOException:

try {
    $dbh->beginTransaction();    // start transaction
    $stmt = $dbh->query($query); // run your query
    $dbh->commit();              // commit
} catch(PDOException $ex) {      // if exception, catch it
    $dbh->rollBack();            // rollback query
    echo $ex->getMessage();      // echo exception message
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If you want to catch the possible errors that the beginTranscation method should throw, go for the second one.

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In this case it doesn't matter, as beginTransaction will return false on failure. If it threw exceptions, you would want it inside of a nested try block (otherwise you'd execute rollBack() after catching the exception which would fail because no transaction was started).

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It probably doesn't really matter, however, it's best to place the beginTransaction outside the try. When the beginTransaction fails, it should not execute the rollback.

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