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I am doing a simple make file and iam getting the error too many arguments. I do not know what it is talking about

here is my code

project1: *.cpp *.h
    g++ -o main *.cpp

here is what the terminal is saying

unixapps1:project1> project1: *.cpp *.h
project1:: Too many arguments.
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How are you invoking the makefile? Do you just type make? –  Beta Sep 16 '12 at 0:40

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I think the problems are two-fold:

  1. You have an awfully large number of source files in your directory — so much so that the length of the names is too long for your shell.

  2. You are mis-executing the makefile as if it was a shell script. The error message is what you'd get if you ran sh makefile and the project1: line was the first (non-blank, non-comment) line in it.

You need to run make or (if the makefile is named project1.mk) make -f project1.mk.

If I've guessed wrong (I hope I have), then you need to clarify what is prompt and what is command line in your question. Conventionally, you use $ as the shell prompt (for sh and relatives; % if you're using C shell or one of its relatives, or # if you're running as root — which you should not be doing if you are programming).

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