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How do I apply the context of functions to any javascript object? So I can change what "this" means in the functions.

For Example:

var foo = {
    a: function() {
    b: function() {
           this.b +=1;
           alert (this.b);

var moo = new Something(); // some object 
var moo.func.foo = foo; // right now this is moo.func
// how do I apply/change the context of the foo functions to moo?
// so this should equal moo
moo.a(); // this should work
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You can just set the function on moo:

var moo = new Something();
moo.a = foo.a;

...but if you want it inherited by all instances of Something, you'll need to set it on Something.prototype:

var moo;
Something.prototype = foo;
moo = new Something();

You have some issues in your definitions of foo.a and foo.b, as they both are self-references this.b +=1 will especially cause issues, so you may want to change the functions to something like this._b += and alert(this._b), or use differently named functions.

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+1 I think the [[prototype]] route is desired; it looks like a jQuery-emulation approach. –  user166390 Sep 16 '12 at 1:09

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