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There are two directories, which contains some files. I am working with Hadoop and both of these two directories are Hadoop File System.

First Location of Directory-


Second Location of Directory-


I want to see if these two directories has some files or not. If they contains some files, then continue and execute my other shell scripts, but if they do not contain any files, wait for half an hour and then check back again whether the files has arrived in those two directories or not.

If it has arrived then execute other shell scripts but if it is not arrived then wait for half an hour again and keep on checking every half an hour.


If [ hadoop fs -ls /sys/edw/   AND hadoop fs -ls /apps/only/ ]
continue executing my other shell scripts
but if condition is not true
wait for half an hour and then check again with the if loop and keep on looking every half an hour until the if condition is not true

I want to execute this below script only when the above if condition is true.

Basically I have few scripts that I want to run only if condition is true otherwise keep on checking every half an hour and see whether the if condition is true or not.

I am runnign SunOS 5.1

Updated Code:-

I am trying something like below and file doesn't exist in this directory(/apps/hdmi/20120916), so it should be sleeping for half an hour but instead of sleeping, it goes to execute the other shell scripts which it shouldn't be doing-

while [ ! hadoop fs -ls /apps/hdmi/20120916 ]; do
    sleep 1800

echo "Hello new11"

Anything wrong I am doing?

Updated One Again:-

while ! hadoop fs -ls /apps/hdmi/20120916 ; do
    sleep 1800

echo "Hello new11"

I have tried the above one also, but this directory doesn't exist (/apps/hdmi/20120916) and instead of sleeping for half an hour, it goes and print the Hello new11 which shouldn't be happening. It should wait for half an hour. Anything else I am missing? I am running SunOS 5.1

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Read up man cron. cron lets you execute periodic tasks and is perfect for the job. –  nneonneo Sep 16 '12 at 1:11
@nneonneo Make that an answer so he can accept it. –  Barmar Sep 16 '12 at 1:33
Actually, let me get this straight -- you want the script to quit and stop checking once the condition is true? –  nneonneo Sep 16 '12 at 1:36
Once the condition is true, I need to execute script otherwise keep on checking every half an hour until the condition gets true. –  lining Sep 16 '12 at 1:37
drop the brackets: while ! hadoop fs -ls /apps/hdmi/20120916; do ... –  glenn jackman Sep 16 '12 at 4:31

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If you don't want to use cron, then you can use an infinite loop:

while true; do
  if hadoop fs -ls /apps/hdmi/20120916; then # call other script
    break # exit loop
    sleep 1800

I hope I understood your requirements correctly.

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Yup. It works. Thanks a lot. Appreciated your help. –  lining Sep 16 '12 at 18:47

You can't use while ! COMMAND; do. ! is not a negation operator in this context. what you want to do is execute the command hadoop fs -ls /DIR and sleep when the command doesn't list any files.

For executing the command put it between backticks ``.

`hadoop fs -ls /apps/hdmi`

Use test or square brackets [ ] to evaluate the output of the command.

[ `hadoop fs -ls /apps/hdmi` ]

The expression will evaluate to true if the command produces a non-zero string (i.e. when there are files in the directory). Since that's the opposite of what you want (continue while there are no files), you need to negate the expression.

[ ! `hadoop fs -ls /apps/hdmi` ]

Thus your script should look somewhat like this:

while [ ! `hadoop fs -ls /apps/hdmi` ]; do
  sleep 1800

echo "Hello new11"


This is assuming that hadoop fs -ls does not produce any output when there is no file in the directory.

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If you want your script to quit once the condition becomes true, just use sleep 1800 to sleep the script for 1800 seconds (half an hour), and a while loop around that:

while [ ! condition ]; do
    sleep 1800

# execute other scripts since condition is now true
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I updated my question with the code I am trying to use. –  lining Sep 16 '12 at 4:18

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