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Hopefully I am not missing something obvious. I have done a good bit of work to isolate this issue. Say I create a new Android project:

Target Platform: Google APIs Android 3.1 (API 12)
Min Platform: Android 2.2 Froyo (API 8)

When the project is created, AndroidManifest.xml shows min=8, target=15 (not sure why 15 and not 12 actually, but that's not the issue). And this looks fine:

included JAR: Google APIs [Android 3.1]
project.properties shows target=Google Inc.:Google APIs:12

So far, so good.

Now, without even editing the fresh project, I remove that project from the workspace, move it somewhere, and import using Import->Android->Existing Android Code into Workspace.

Included JAR: Android 2.2
project.properties shows target=android-8

And the project now has errors due to things like the Holo style not being present in 2.2.

I tried Project->Clean, nothing. I tried Android->Fix Project Properties. No change.

The only fix is to remove the project, delete the project.properties, update the AndroidManifest.xml to use min-sdk 12, and re-import. Even, then, I don't get the Google JAR:

Included JAR: Android 3.1
project.properties shows target=android-12

It seems like the import process incorrectly uses the min SDK value instead of the target when creating the project. Or is this somehow expected behavior? What am I missing?

(This scenario may seem a bit contrived, but I am an instructor trying to import student assignments. So this is causing me difficulties!)

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Right click the imported project and go to

Properties - Android - Project Build Target

Specify the build target as the target sdk version.

Now it should include the correct jar file.

Hope this helps

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That helps as a quicker workaround, but can you explain the import behavior? It almost seems like a bug, but I would think it would be more widely reported. Either my Googling skills are weak, or it's not affecting/bothering anyone else... –  catapult Sep 16 '12 at 3:23
@catapult Sorry. I don't know more details about this. –  Sreejith Krishnan R Sep 16 '12 at 3:28

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