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Is it possible to combine strings and filename modifiers in a vim nmap command?

I have the following in my .vimrc

nnoremap <D-F4> :TlistAddFiles %:p:h *.*<CR>

I wish to have an analogue that is restricted to the current filetype.

For example, if the current file was /Users/me/Py/project1/, the command would add all the .py files in the /Users/me/Py/Project1/ directory to the Taglist.

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Yes, you can just stick them all together - vim can tell which bit to expand and which is the string. For the task in question, use the following:

nnoremap <D-F4> :TlistAddFiles %:p:h/*.%:e

If the current file is an .py file, only .py files will be indexed.

See :help %:e for more on filename modifiers.

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