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"C:\Users\Lake\Desktop\New folder\Executes\spotify.bat"
"C:\Users\Lake\Desktop\New Folder\Executes\Firefox.bat"

That is what is in my batch file. It only executes the first one and I want it to execute both. How do I do that?

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Just remove the two :EXECUTE labels and use CALL, so it returns to the current batch file after it executes the CALLed one:

CALL "C:\Users\Lake\Desktop\New folder\Executes\spotify.bat"
CALL "C:\Users\Lake\Desktop\New Folder\Executes\Firefox.bat"
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I tried that but it still only executes the second one. –  user1675113 Sep 16 '12 at 2:42
That's not possible, unless the first one doesn't exist where you've said it is (in the CALL command). –  Ken White Sep 16 '12 at 2:54

Or if you want them to execute asynchronously, you can use START instead of CALL:

START "C:\Users\Lake\Desktop\New folder\Executes\spotify.bat"
START "C:\Users\Lake\Desktop\New Folder\Executes\Firefox.bat"
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