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I have a number of Maven pom.xml files in various projects that contain a lot of similar configuration (license declarations, plugins, defintion of resource folders etc.)

What is the best approach to factor out these common elements into a parent pom and have them available for re-use?

I'm particularly interested in:

  • What should go in the parent pom vs. being project specific?
  • Where to store the parent pom, e.g. on GitHub?
  • Any gotchas to be aware of?
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of the stuff you mention, i wouldn't use a common pom for licenses, plugins for different project. I would use the user settings for mirrors, servers, etc and a common pom for each different project as parent pom. – user311174 Sep 19 '12 at 17:13

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For enterprise projects, you can use Maven to deploy your parent pom on a artifact repository like Sonatype Nexus. But this can be cumbersome for just personal projects.

Everything that needs to be shared must be in parent pom.

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