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Is there a way to have a sequence of animations, one following the other in jquery. Say for example i want text to fade in first then fades out and then an image appearing. I referred to the documentation but it had only examples of a click event resulting in animation.

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Mostly every jQuery animation method has a callback function. – elclanrs Sep 16 '12 at 2:58
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<div id="wow">Hello. This is text. Wow!!!</div>​

var $wow = $('#wow');

$wow.animate({fontSize: '150px'}, 'slow', function s() {
    $wow.animate({padding: '50px', opacity: .1}, 'fast', function l() {
        $wow.animate({background: '#f00', opacity: .5, padding: 0}, function r() {
            $wow.animate({fontSize: 0, height: 1, width: 1, opacity: 0}, 10000);


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It sounds like you would benefit from using a queue with multiple elements. Check out the FxQueues jQuery plugin

Check out their example code for usage:

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Here you have an example JS Bin

HTML code:

<h3 style='display: none;'>Some text</h3>
<img src='' style='display: none;'/>

Javascript code:

       .fadeOut(1000, function(){
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