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I've been searching the web for a solution for a while now & just can't seem to get it with what i've found online. I've exported my phpMyAdmin database & uploaded it to my Linode so its now there ( /home/user_name/public/www.sitename.com/public/phpmyadmindatabase.sql )

So now in the terminal i'm entering the following:

mysql -u root -pMyPassword database_name < ~/public/sitename.com/public/phpmyadmindatabase.sql

and I get the following:

ERROR 1049 (42000): Unknown database 'database_name'

Now I'm wondering if i need to create 'database_name' first, but I'm following Linode's own start up guides:


and they say right at the section "Creating a Database"...(If you already have a database you'd like to import...skip to "importing a database"). So i have been assuming i shouldn't be creating a database since it told me to skip it.

Any & all help would be greatly appreciated...


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Stupid mistake...just needed to create the new DB manually or make sure phpmyadmin is creating the DB in mysql when its added to the Linode.

On another note - Linode has pretty great customer support (guess that would be the first place to go).

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