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How do you convert/paint a QGraphicsTextItem into a QPixmap?

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You can add it to a QGraphicsScene (if it's not already inside one) and then render() the scene to a QPixmap using a QPainter

QPixmap pix(100, 100);
QPainter paint(&pix);

Or, you can save yourself the trouble and just use QPainter::drawText() after changing the current font of the painter. it should provide the same capabilities.

Maybe something like this-

QPixmap pix(100, 100);
QPainter paint(&pix);
paint.drawText(0, 0, "Hello World");
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The QGraphicsTextItem::document() function is the back door you're looking for:

// pItem is a QGraphicsTextItem *
QPixmap srcPixmap(pItem->boundingRect().size().toSize());

QPainter tmpPainter(&srcPixmap);
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