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Ive setup a github repo to store custom archetypes, and I can start a new project off these archetypes (on separate vm) using something like

 mvn archetype:generate -Dcatalog=https://raw.github.etc./archetype-catalog.xml

now i'm trying to store some 3rd party jars remotely in the same repo and reference them from a pom.xml as dependancies

First I installed the jar locally with

mvn install:install-file ..params..

the repo structure I have goes like:

 |           | 
              (group id)adobe.flex.messaging   (ie. adobe/flex/messaging)
                                        * trying to make this work
               (group id)com.acme.archetypes   (ie. com/acme/archetypes)
                                           * archetype resolved ok


The settings in my project:



I think I must be doing something dumb, because I can archetype:generate from the github repo archetype-catalog.xml. Can anyone see what I messed up?


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You need to deploy your artifacts in github using mvn deploy. You would need to have set up github appropriately - perhaps similar to what is mentioned in Hosting Maven Repos on Github.

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Yea is the same link I used to setup, and works quite well - is there a difference between archetype storage and jar storage for maven dependancies? I used his method of -DaltDeploymentRepository, and it works fine for archetypes. I then push it to github. So far Maven error says: Could not find artifact flex.messaging:common:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT in..{github repo url} – MikeW Sep 16 '12 at 11:36
A follow up to the link that Raghuram posted is this solution, which automates the solution: – emmby Dec 23 '12 at 19:15

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