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I am downloading data from web service in my project (my iPhone has a is 2g connection). There's a lot of data -- around 35 MB -- so it's taking too much time, and sometimes it fails. Can anyone give me suggestions for what to do when there is a very slow internet connection?

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Just some ideas:

  • do you really need all of the 35 MB right at the start?
  • try including as many information right inside the app as possible and check (and download) only for changed deltas of the changed data
  • separate the 35 MB in smaller logical chunks e.g. if you display information about places bundle the information about a place and download the place and not the "whole world".

If you still have problems after the optimization of the data you need to rethink your data structures.

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suppose I dont need 35 Mb at a time then how can I download it in form of chunks,can we implement like once I have downloaded 10k bytes then I would stop downloading ,and next time i would download from 10001 byte,and so on.if you have any link or sample for such solution then please provide link or any sample.. –  vishwa patel Sep 16 '12 at 7:28
With chunks I meant not to "slice" the 35MB but to check if you can make smaller parts out of your data. E.g. you have a map data of the world you certainly would not need to have all the data at once. Maybe you can do make smaller subset of the data like countries or even cities. –  Pfitz Sep 16 '12 at 7:52
ok thanks I thought divide data downloading ,and way I told to download like first 10k and then next amount of data,is is possible? or suppose I am downloading data of 10k bytes,and after 5k internet connection goes and it comes with in 2 or 3 secs then can I request data from 5k onwards so can we have any damage control system here. –  vishwa patel Sep 16 '12 at 7:56

There is no solution is for your "SLOW INTERNET CONNECTION". Although we can do something in your app. But it again depends upon the data you are downloading in the app. If it is static data for all devices in which the app is being used. Then you can keep a copy of data in the app as "Pre-Data". I am sure all the 35 mb data is not needed to be used at the start of the app. Also if the data is being updated "Periodically", then you can set a key for getting information about the update from the web service. What you need to do is just to check the key at startup of app.

I hope i am clear with my points/

Awaiting for reply.

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