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I have Facebook application ready and token, app id, secret. Now I have searched a lot and it seems that I am unable to upload image to App wall or create album for the app.

What do I have: Facebook app with canvas where user can enter data and upload an image(to my PHP script on a server)

What do I want to do: To save the image on my app somewhere from PHP using PHP SDK.

What's the closest approach I have done:

  1. Googled A LOT
  2. I have added login/logout for user so I could upload the image to user wall or album but I want to photo to be on the app itself so to bypass the user authentification and I need to store the image on my app somewhere.

Is this possible?

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An App itself does not have a place to display images/videos.

You will need to create a Page for the App. To do this, go to and click 'Edit App' in the top-right. In the 'App Details' section, click the button labelled 'Create Facebook Page' and follow the steps. This will create a Page to represent the App. You can then upload images/videos etc. as you would do with any other page.

Or, you could give the impression of storing an image on your App by storing the image in a database and recalling it upon demand...

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Thanks! Currently I show the image from the database, however I want it to be displayed in default facebook style(or a lightbox) – lukas.pukenis Sep 16 '12 at 14:08

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