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For no reason that I can see, I can no longer run a TortoiseSVN Update on a development directory on my portable Windows XP Professional SP3 machine, getting the error:

Previous operation has not finished; run 'cleanup' if it was interrupted
Please execute the 'Cleanup' command.

If I try running cleanup, I get another error,

cannot process the following paths: cannot move $ROOT_DIR/.svn/tmp/tmp-... to $ROOT_DIR/path/where/thing/should/go: no such file or directory

I have verified that both files exist, and actually from CMD.EXE prompt I am able to issue a MOVE with those two filenames and have it work correctly. It's no use because next time SVN tries to repeat the operation itself after creating a different tmp file name, and while CMD succeeded, SVN fails.

UPDATE: the path lengths are in both cases well below PATH_MAX, target file system is NTFS, and permissions are OK. Maybe I'll now try with FileMon to see whatever TortoiseSVN is really up to.

I tried downgrading TortoiseSVN but to no avail. Other repositories work OK between the same machines.

TortoiseSVN 1.7.9, Build 23248 - 32 Bit , 2012/08/30 18:25:37
Subversion 1.7.6, 
apr 1.4.6
apr-utils 1.3.12
neon 0.29.6
OpenSSL 1.0.1c 10 May 2012
zlib 1.2.7

Both server (OpenSuSE Linux 12.2) and client now run the latest version of SVN.

On Windows, I also cannot seem to get any more informative logs or information (I'm not very skilled with TortoiseSVN, I have always used the Linux command line version).

I might delete the local copy and run a checkout, but it's about 2 GB of data, and I'm on a slow connection, so it is really more of a "fly physically to server location and hook a copper Ethernet to the local network there" alternative. I'm reserving that as a sort of last ditch, nuclear option; I'd really rather understand what the problem is, for I fear it might happen again.


I've tried to delete remotely the subdirectory involved, committing the deletion on the server; deleting the subdirectory locally, and emptying the .svn/tmp subdirectory where I found sixteen tmp files, all copies of the one PNG causing problems.

I am still not able to perform any SVN subcommand, getting "Run cleanup!" error; on cleanup; I get a failed attempt to copy a tmpfile to the never-sufficiently-damned .PNG file, which no longer exists anywhere, into a directory that no longer exists anywhere.

I tried recreating the directory locally (but not the file!), no changes.

With FileMon, I traced the source PNG to 8e4c2389cf9d85c8b8ee54d49ea053c752a38187.svn-base in .svn/pristine subdirectory, tried removing it and got SVN complaining. I tried copying it to its intended destination (so that the file-as-it-should-be and the file-as-it-is are identical), no joy.


Well, this is weird. I decided to track everything that TortoiseSVN is doing using FileMon. I could see it checking the wc.db and search the item, checking for it in .svn/pristine (and finding it), copying it (unnecessarily if you ask me...) in .svn/tmp, and finally checking $DESTINATION_FILE (with correct case) using Windows Open() API. And getting PATH NOT FOUND. Yet the file is there, I can see it (and the name is less than 8.3 characters). And why PATH not found and not FILE not found?

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Okay, it all boiled down to a directory that had been created remotely with a name ending with space. The file in itself was OK; the directory where it stood was not.

When updating, apparently, the directory got created but the name was shortened by Windows to exclude the final space.

To add to the difficulty of diagnosing, while TortoiseSVN did tell me what the problem was, it did so in the dialog box where the Arial font made the space in \path\to\your \file not clearly recognizable (it was, once I knew where to look, and compared that slash with the others. This one stood a little farther from the letter at its left).

Lesson learned: check really carefully the dialog file name, character by character (note to self: find a way of having it in Courier New if at all possible).

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You may have two files in the repository that differ only in case. That's a problem on Windows. See this FAQ for details.

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I hadn't thought of that, but it's not the reason - I've emptied my local directory with no joy. I'll now try running a SVN DELETE after copying the three files it contains; it's a small enough operation not to matter. –  lserni Sep 16 '12 at 17:09

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